Frequently Asked Questions

Is your shop located in Nigeria or Ghana?

We are an online shop only. We do not have a physical shop, however, we have offices in both Nigeria and Ghana. This means that when you place your order, your item(s) are already in your country and ready to be delivered to you.

Delivery is not convenient for me, can I pick up my order instead?

Yes, you may pick up your order for free at our pick up locations in Lagos (Yaba/Akoka) or Accra (Kotobabi/Pig Farm). All customers must complete payment before pickup. You will be notified when your order is ready for pickup. Please do not arrive before your order is ready.

Will I be able to urinate with the cup in?

Yes, you will be able to urinate normally with the cup in. Here’s how:








Does insertion of the cup hurt?

No, insertion of the cup does not hurt if done correctly. It feels like a tampon going in.

Can the menstrual cup break your virginity?

Just as much as a tampon cannot break your virginity, the menstrual cup also cannot break your virginity. The only thing that can break your virginity is to actually have sex.

That being said, a menstrual cup as well as a tampon can alter your hymen. This can be uncomfortable or even painful in some women.

If you are a virgin and still really want to try the cup, we recommend trying a tampon first. If you would prefer an external sanitary product, there is also the option of re-usable cloth pads.

I have an IUD, can I use the menstrual cup?

Many women successfully use menstrual cups while having an IUD. There is a small risk of pulling the IUD out if the strings are left long. Please consult with your gynecologist to shorten the string length of your IUD before using the menstrual cup.

Can I use a menstrual cup directly after giving birth?

No, do not use a menstrual cup directly after giving birth.

Wait at least 6 weeks after the delivery, then consult with your obstetrician or midwife for confirmation that it is okay to start using the menstrual cup.